In search of Mark Wallinger's


Edd & Soph's Underground Quest

Join us on our quest to find Mark Wallinger’s Labyrinths across the Underground network. As we find them, we’ll tick them off and help you to find them too. Look out for our tips and photos as we come across another.

About Labyrinth

Mark Wallinger, one of the UK’s leading contemporary artists, has created a major new artwork for London Underground to celebrate its 150th anniversary. The result, commissioned by Art on the Underground, is a multi-part work on a huge scale that will be installed in every one of the Tube’s 270 stations. Wallinger sees the commission as a unique opportunity to explore the potential of the Underground as a whole. Wishing to forge a poetic link with the Tube’s rich history of graphic language, he has made a work that sits comfortably alongside the two of its major design icons, the roundel and Harry Beck’s Tube map, and yet stands out as a new symbol marking the Tube’s 150th year.

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About Edd & Soph

Edd-Soph Edd and Soph are Students from Canterbury who, in an attempt to fill boredom after the end of their exams, have decided to try and find Mark Wallinger’s Labyrinth’s across the Underground. Their first day of hunting took place on Monday 27th May.

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